Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Neighbourhood BBQ

We were privileged to host the 3rd annual Neighbourhood BBQ this past weekend.
I think we can say it was an unqualified success. 65 people came (19 of them were children!) representing 22 families.

We've lived in this neighbourhood for 37 years now and although we've become good friends with our immediate neighbours, we've not gotten to know those further afield.

Thank you, Marg and Marilyn, for initiating the idea of gathering all the neighbours for a summer BBQ and to Linda and Jim who have hosted a party for us all at Christmas. It's because of these folks that we have become friends with the wider neighbourhood and why we had such a turnout this year.

As you can see the kids had a ball and the adults found lots to talk about.

The weather was mostly good with a
bit of rain at dusk which didn't seem to dampen anyone's spirits. We just moved the party under a canopy and enjoyed dessert by candlelight.

Thank you to everyone who came.
We loved having you.

Friday, September 16, 2011

From Garden to Table

I planted a garden this year.  I haven’t had a vegetable garden since Harv’s mom passed away  15 years ago.

That spring and summer we spent so much time with her in the hospital that the garden never got planted and somehow we just didn’t plant one after that.

I’ve been talking about planting a garden again for the past several years.  I love the taste of fresh leaf lettuce first thing in spring and home grown carrots have a flavour that can’t compare with the ones from the store.

But, I wasn’t willing to go back to the vast garden of years past – the garden with 2 feet between the rows (so you could till it with a roto-tiller of course. which I couldn’t handle and Harv never got around to)

So there would be acres (it seemed) of weeds to pull.

No, if I had a garden again it would have to be a small garden in a raised bed.  I’d been eyeing a number of friends’s gardens and I knew just what I wanted.

Of course, Harv is always scheming and he devised a different sort of raised bed for me.  It has 2 steps of soil on one side and one step on the other with a 4 foot expanse of soil at the top.

So, I planted a garden this year.  Beans on one side, carrots and herbs on the other along with onions.  Across the top were beets, more onions and herbs, lettuce, spinach, arugula and of course some flowers to brighten the vegetable patch.

On one end I had a planter with tomatoes – not the most successful but I did get a lovely bowlful of cherry tomatoes.



We’ve been eating the beans and greens and it’s been wonderful having all the fresh herbs for cooking.

Tonight much of our meal went directly from the garden to the table.


Beets and carrots, basil, dill, parsley and chives and cherry tomatoes all made for a delicious supper.

Aren’t the beets pretty?  I’m not sure why some are white when the package promised white and red concentric circles but no matter.  When peeled, tossed with oil and kosher salt and roasted at 350ยบ they were sweet and wonderful!

The carrots were dressed with butter, a smidge of honey and fresh basil and the cherry tomatoes were delicious on greens with buttermilk dressing made with fresh herbs.



A special meal for my husband who’s been away on business for a week.  Home grown at it’s best.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Anniversary Week

August 28 was our 40th wedding Anniversary.

We started the celebration by inviting our friends and family to a party.

Even our youngest granddaughter came.




Tim and Rick helped out with the corn – cooked in the large “Meagropa” or cauldron we inherited from Harv’s Dad.


My dapper brother-in-law, Ernie helped out at the BBQ and our niece helped serve while my sister and sister-in-law  pitched in where ever needed.


On the menu: BBQ pork loin, Ernie’s wonderful Greek Salad, Caprese Salad, crunchy pea salad, fabulous corn on the cob, fruit platter  and fresh buns.

DSC_0046  DSC_0056

It was a lovely afternoon – perfect weather, lots of visiting and time to catch up with friends.

The following Friday morning, Harv and I drove up to Vernon where we stayed at the Ilahee Inn right on Kalamalka Lake.

We had a gorgeous suite  with a private patio over the lake and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.  Supper was at the Italian Kitchen in Vernon.  It was a perfect way to celebrate again – just the two of us.

DSC09444 DSC09443

From Vernon we drove to Lake Country where the wedding of our neighbour’s son was to take place.

It was held at Casa Bella Mansion right on Okanagan Lake.  What a gorgeous setting and a lovely wedding.

It reminded us of the vows we made so many years ago.

DSC09496 DSC09577 DSC09482


Harv and I in our wedding finery.

Then on Labour Day Harv and I took the boat out on Harrison Lake.  We cruised at least two thirds up the lake.  The weather was perfect- hot enough to take a swim, with enough of a breeze to keep us comfortable.

Once we left Long Island behind I think the only boat we saw all afternoon was that of the Fire Warden.



We found a quiet cove to have our mid afternoon lunch. 


Later in November we plan on continuing the celebration by taking a tropical holiday.  Don’t know where or when but it’s something to look forward to.

40 years has passed so quickly. I’m very thankful for my husband and friend. 

Life has its ups and downs but by God’s grace we’ve come this far and we are grateful.