Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yellowstone Motorcycle trip

We're back home. On July 6 Harv and I got on to our motorbike and drove to Vernon where we joined our friends, Don and Bev and their friends, Dave and Marg and set out on a two week motorcycle trip with Yellowstone National Park as our destination. What a grand trip - we walked throught the mining town of Old Sandon in BC and then headed to Waterton/Glacier International Peace Park (Waterton on the Canadian side and Glacier on the American side).
While there we hiked the Bear's Hump, drove up to Many Glacier where we had lunch overlooking some amazing scenery, and cruised the "Going to the Sun" highway (our third time over this highway and still as spectacular as ever).
In Yellowstone National Park we experienced a swim in the "Boiling River", hiked to the top of the Mammoth Terrace, saw Old Faithful (of course), numerous geysers and paint pots, herds of bison, elk and pronghorn and even a grizzly bear.
We experienced the Old West in the towns of Cody, Virginia City and Nevada City - taking in a rodeo, lots of history and an amazing array of artefacts from the Wild West days of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Hole in the Wall gang and numerous other outlaws. There were incredibly preserved towns -
Old Trail Village in Cody, Wyoming and Nevada City, Montana in particular. Walking through them you were convinced that the former residents had just stepped out for a moment. Amazing.
We rode over numerous mountain passes with elevations up to 10,967 ft and switch backs and hairpin curves and drop offs that got me very nervous. But the scenery was fabulous and you could see for miles and miles from the summits. Beartooth Pass on the Montana/Wyoming border was the highest elevation and so popular with Bikers that they sell t-shirts that boast " I survived the Beartooth Pass".
At Steptoe Butte we saw beautiful patchwork fields of grain, beans and grass. God has created a world of endless diversity and beauty and we are humbled by His greatness and so grateful to have the opportunity to see so much of it.
We arrived home The 19th of July just behind the rain. In the whole 13 days, we only had 5 minutes of rain while riding. We did experience an awe inspiring rain/windstorm while at Lolo Hotsprings Montana. Luckily it was from a dry and safe vantage point in a restaurant.
It was wonderful to spend time with old and new friends and we were grateful for all of you who prayed for our safety while we were gone. Thank you.