Sunday, July 27, 2008

Close ups of my garden

My garden is not perfect but looking at the flowers close up reveals the Creator in all His Majesty. I am in awe of God's creative imagination. There is no way in my mind to reconcile the beauty, complexity and interdependance of the world around me with anything but God the Creator of Heaven and Earth. No random collision of molecules, no exploding atoms, not the wildest imagination of man or woman, could create the colours, shapes, textures, smells and incredible detail of the world around us.

I praise You, my Creator,
and give thanks to You for this beauty
that fills my senses and feeds my soul
and is a constant reminder
of Your love for me.

Psalm 104:24 O LORD, what a variety of things you have made! In your wisdom you have made them all. (NLT)

Psalm 111: 2-4 How amazing are the deeds of the LORD! Everything He does
reveals His glory. How can we forget the wonders He performs?

Psalm 145: 5-6 Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; His greatness
no one can fathom.

Revelation 4:11 You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power; For You created all things, and by Your will they were created...


Coleus and Sweet Potato Vine




Stargazer lilies
in bud


Pink Astilbe


Monday, July 14, 2008

A Recipe for a Summer's Day.

Take: A hot sunny afternoon in July

Add: 1- 24 foot pontoon boat
several good friends
Place boat in a 50 mile long lake (Harrison Lake will do fine). Invite friends aboard.

Add : breathtaking scenery
refreshing summer breezes
cold drinks
snack food.

Set sail on lake. Take in the scenery, enjoy the cooling summer breezes, distribute cold drinks and snacks to taste. Be sure not to plan any activities. This could spoil the whole recipe.

When a quiet cove comes into view, glide on to the shore, .

set up the umbrella, and take a nap.

Later, Add: meat for the BBQ
2 or 3 really great salads
a bottle of wine

Finally finish it all off with:
a luscious dessert
When the sun goes down, set sail for home
This recipe will satisfy even the most jaded appetites.