Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What can we do at Nana and PopPop’s?

Jump on the trampoline with our cousins            DSC09155b (2)    DSC09146 (2)

It’s even more fun when we set up the sprinklerTrampoline fun  

  Play tag                                                DSC09157  


Find a quiet moment (rare but even kids have to take a breather)  August 19 weekend4

The “Docter” is In and can diagnose your ailments.  Just write your name on the appointment schedule.


Hang out with Aunts and our baby cousin.


Admire her fashion sense..


Test out the effectiveness of an umbrella on a sunny day.


Line up for a picture with the shirts Nana brought back from Niagara Falls.


Get to know our newest cousin.


Practice holding a baby.DSC09262


Learn how to toss pizza dough.


Make our own pizzas


As you can see, there always lots to do at Nana and PopPop’s!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Reunion


Harv and I, my Dad and my sister and brother-in-law spent the last week in Ontario attending a family reunion.

My mom’s siblings, their spouses, my cousins and their families all gathered at Queenston Heights on Sunday to celebrate family.

It was sad not having my mom there but I like to think she and our grandparents were watching and pointing out all the new additions.

What a blessing it is to belong to a loving extended family like this one.  They have all played such a huge part in my life – supporting and encouraging me, praying for me and showing their love in countless ways.

Of the 6 Suderman siblings and their spouses only my mom was missing.  And about two thirds of my cousins were there, along with quite a number of their children.  I think we counted about 54 people in all.

We had wonderful food: German sausages, meatballs, salads and corn corn on the cob steamed to perfection by Uncle Elmer and his steam engine.

DSC08663    DSC08655 DSC00446

There were stories told, pictures shared, years and years of being apart to catch up on.

DSC00476   DSC00504  DSC00521

There have been many joys over the years and, like in all families,  difficulties along the way – divorce, death, cancer and debilitating illnesses but through it all the story of God’s faithfulness emerges  triumphant. 

My godly grandparents would be so happy to see how the faith they instilled in their children has been passed down to their grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren.

This time with family was the highlight of an event filled week – more of which I’ll share in later posts.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

An ‘At home’ Camping Weekend.

The plan was to take the pontoon boat with the kids and grandkids and find a camping spot.

Two things changed our minds – the high water on Harrison Lake (no beaches!) and the August long weekend.

We had no desire to fight for a camping spot.

So we “camped” at home. We might even have tented had the forecast not been for rain.

As it was – we slept well in our comfy beds and had all the fun of a camping weekend.

DSC09821 DSC09818 DSC09817


DSC09874b DSC09875b

slip ‘n slide

DSC09925 DSC09933

Hot dog roast with PopPop showing us how he can roast 7 at one time and a picnic!


Fishing – yes they caught one (small)

DSC_6344 DSC_6351

Ready aim…… FIRE!

DSC_6381 DSC_6392


and Hiking at Bridal Veil Falls.

The weekend ended with a marshmallow roast at Uncle Rick and Auntie Adele's and yummy s'mores. (Have you ever tried them with peanut butter cups?)

What more could one ask of a camping weekend?