Thursday, December 22, 2011

And all around the house –

     glimpses of Christmas





 DSC00782  DSC00779 


Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Activities with the Grandkids–

In the middle of December, we spent a weekend with our Grandkids in Seattle.

We met in Everett at the Children’s Museum and while Harv and the boys explored the museum,




  DSC00687  DSC00677

Dulci , Ella and I went to a special children’s performance of the Nutcracker.  The (mostly) young performers did an excellent job and Ella was entranced by the costumes, music and dance.

DSCN1109  DSCN1107



After we all had lunch together, we headed to their house to make gingerbread houses.  It was harder than anticipated so PopPop came and demonstrated his architectural and structural knowledge..    

The kids kept PopPop well grounded while waiting for the gingerbread “mortar” to dry.

 DSCN1125   DSCN1128                                                                                  

Mom and Dad took a mini retreat on Whidby Island, so we stayed with the kids for the night


The next morning we took the grandkids shopping for gifts for their mom and Dad and to have their picture taken with Santa as a special surprise. 

By the time the gingerbread houses where dry enough to decorate, Dad and Mom were back and we had a special dinner of Raclette.

DSCN1156DSCN1157  DSCN1164 

It was a wonderful way to celebrate the coming of Christmas and spend precious time building memories with the grandchildren.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas is Coming –

It’s been very busy around here.  There was lots to catch up on after our holiday.

One thing we chose to make time for when we got home  was  a weekend in Seattle to see the grandkids.

We went shopping for an Advent wreath – .


of course PopPop found something that interested the children more than wreaths and candles!


Nana and Ella made Christmas ornaments for the tree.


 DSCN1074  DSCN1077

Back at home, I had fun making up some outdoor arrangements.

I love the red berries, and varied shades of the different evergreens.

Some, pine, spruce and fir, and some huge red ornaments and glittered mesh ribbon and the front entry looked like Christmas.

DSCN1092  DSCN1095b

Meanwhile Harv was stringing lights outside.    He loves doing this and we have a standing joke about how he buys more lights every year.

The result  of his creativity are impressive – we have a  winter wonderland around the house.

The lights brighten the dark night reminding us how Christ’s coming brightens our dark world.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

…… and Tropical Fish

Punta Cana 311


Punta Cana 315  Punta Cana 316

Punta Cana 326 

These Sergeant fish  came in droves when I held out a bit of bread in my hands.

I could feel their tiny teeth against my fingers.

Punta Cana 332

Punta Cana 359Punta Cana 360 

This little guy darted in and out of the camera frame – neon blue dots and a yellow tail.

Punta Cana 397  Punta Cana 353

Lots of bright blue and lighter blue fish

Punta Cana 372 

And a few juvenile Stop Light  Parrot fish – I think that’s one down in the corner. 

They have clearly defined scales and a red belly when they are young and then turn to a sea green with a pink sheen

when they are older- looking like a completely different fish.

   Punta Cana 410/

And last ,but definitely not least – this spotted eel.