Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Activities with the Grandkids–

In the middle of December, we spent a weekend with our Grandkids in Seattle.

We met in Everett at the Children’s Museum and while Harv and the boys explored the museum,




  DSC00687  DSC00677

Dulci , Ella and I went to a special children’s performance of the Nutcracker.  The (mostly) young performers did an excellent job and Ella was entranced by the costumes, music and dance.

DSCN1109  DSCN1107



After we all had lunch together, we headed to their house to make gingerbread houses.  It was harder than anticipated so PopPop came and demonstrated his architectural and structural knowledge..    

The kids kept PopPop well grounded while waiting for the gingerbread “mortar” to dry.

 DSCN1125   DSCN1128                                                                                  

Mom and Dad took a mini retreat on Whidby Island, so we stayed with the kids for the night


The next morning we took the grandkids shopping for gifts for their mom and Dad and to have their picture taken with Santa as a special surprise. 

By the time the gingerbread houses where dry enough to decorate, Dad and Mom were back and we had a special dinner of Raclette.

DSCN1156DSCN1157  DSCN1164 

It was a wonderful way to celebrate the coming of Christmas and spend precious time building memories with the grandchildren.



Kathy said...

What a sweet way to spend time with your grands. I can imagine how you girls enjoyed the Nutcracker. Isn't it neat to be able to give the big kids time to spend away from their kids. I can see that you really all enjoy time together.

Anneliese said...

Bev, that sounds like a memorable weekend! I wonder who have more fun.. you or they? And I bet it was not so hard to say goodbye, when you know they are coming soon. That is the best part.
Paet figured today that he probably won't cry tomorrow when we say bye.. and I finished the sentence for him.. because we get to see each other in six days!

ellen b. said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your Christmas time, too. blessings...

Marg said...

That's what Christmas is all about, Bev. You know how to do it and I love watching how you bring blessing to your family.

Trish said...

What a great time you had. Wonderful to spend some time with the grandchildren and love the pictures of the gingerbread house building! Take care and have a wonderful Christmas...all the best to you and your family in the New Year.

Ocean Soul said...

The best time of all...with grandkids! What a fun filled time you guys had! Busy is an understatement!