Monday, April 27, 2009

Here we go again

We've only been home a week and now we are on the go again.

The picture above is from our trip east a few years ago. It's the only picture of the camper I could find at short notice. We're are leaving in a few minutes for a 2 week trip.

The mode of transportation is the same but the destination this time is Northern Alberta where Harv has some business meetings scheduled. After they are over, we are traveling on to Saskatchewan to see our daughter, her husband and our 2 grandboys. We haven't been together since before Christmas so this will be a treat for Nana and Papa.

I love traveling in our truck and "Tin Tent". It's so comfortable and cosy and relaxing. I've got my card supplies along so some of you may get a card - I've brought some good books and hope to do some walking each day. The only caveat is the temperature. I know it's going to be warm here at home but where we're going it's still dropping to -10 degrees C at night. Our furnace will be working overtime!

Who knows? Maybe the spring thaw will work its way east just ahead of us!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Palm Springs Holiday

We're back home after a relaxing 2 week holiday in Palm Springs. We went down with Jim (Harv's brother) and Irene and stayed at the Oasis Resort.

We did all the great things we usually do in Palm Springs and a few things we'd not done before.

There's the obligatory pool time of course, soaking up the sun, reading, playing games and swimming. We walked every day and rode our bikes through the surrounding area.

Irene and I had a great time planning meals and cooking. One evening we made these crab cakes. The recipe is scheduled for Apr. 21 on

We shared several meals with friends,shopped the College of the Desert flea market, and window shopped the more exclusive El Paseo shopping area.

We spent a day in Joshua Tree Park (I'll post more pictures of the Park another day)
and went up the San Jacinto Aerial Tram for the very first time. What a fabulous view!

We celebrated our friend, Elenore's birthday at a beautiful Golf and Country club,

and had some great meals at several of Palm Springs great restaurants. The highlight was a fabulous meal at Cafe Italia where the servers entertain the diners with Broadway favourites. (Can you spot my friend Anneliese from MGCC?)
At the end of the evening there, our Argentinian waitress had us in tears with her heartfelt rendition of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina".
She was a graduate of Biola University and once again the adage of it being "a small world" manifested itself as our waitress, Irene and Anneliese found they had friends in common.

It was a great holiday - the best part being that we could share it with family and friends.