Monday, October 22, 2007

Rainy Day Ramblings

It is gray outside, a steady rain is falling and the tree farm next door is one huge puddle-ridden muddy field. I can see it from the office windows and I feel so sorry for the men working in those conditions. It makes me very thankful to be sitting up here where it is warm and dry. I do love the sound of the rain on the metal roof though.

Our puppy is sprawled out on a blanket on the floor between Harv's desk and mine. We decided to name him Copper and so far we are mostly enjoying him. Oh yes - he is alot of work. You should have seen the garage floor when I got home from my scrapbooking weekend. He had got a hold of a cardboard box which he has been tearing apart, there were several of Harv's grease rags strewn about and bits and pieces of leaves and sticks he'd dragged in from the back lawn. But those brown, soulful eyes look up at you and you have to forgive him.
Mostly, he's been pretty good. Although he did get into the house without Harv seeing him on Thursday and was alone inside for a good half hour. When Harv found him later he was innocently laying on the kitchen floor. However there was a chewed through telephone cord in the living room as evidence that he didn't lay there the whole time.

I spent the weekend with 19 other dedicated scrapbookers up at Stillwood Camp above Cultus Lake. We had 4 wonderful days of working on our pictures and making cards and spending time with friends. There were a couple of new girls there this weekend and we enjoyed getting to know them. I got 17 scrapbook pages completed and made a number of cards. Now I need to get down to work and get 2 ABC scrapbboks done for my 2 three-year-old grandboys. They are meant to be their Christmas presents so I've got to get going!

When I got back home after the weekend Harv took me out to the shop to show me what he'd been working on. What a wonderful man! He got one of the drawer cabinets built for my scrapbook room.
When we moved the office from the basement to the shop, he suggested we make the old office space into a craft room for me. I wasn't about to argue with that! So I've been scheming and measuring and drawing up plans like mad to figure out how to make the most efficient use of the space. We went to IKEA and scoped out cupboards, storage solutions and shelving and Harv had all kinds of great ideas including offers to custom build a few things. I think I have it pretty well planned now.
I've not been expecting it to be done anytime soon but now that Harv's shown me the drawers he made I'm thinking it might happen sooner than later. No maybe not - I do know better than to get my hopes too high. But I am pleased that he's excited about it with me. I'll try to take before, during and after pictures once we do get going.
I can hardly wait to have enough space to organize everything so that I don't have to haul out and put away everytime I want to work on something. A weekend like this past one just whets my appetite!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Never say never

Well... we've done it again. What we said we weren't going to do for a long time yet. Yes, it would be nice to have one again, but no we don't need one now, we're away too often, it's too much fuss and bother and we are fine without one. BUT my softhearted husband gave in to a pair of brown, puppydog eyes and we are now the owners (maybe) of a cute, not so little puppy. He is part golden retriever and part black lab( dogs that two of our friends own) - he is a gorgeous sandy colour and soft as thistledown and yes, he has those deep dark puppydog eyes. He has huge paws and wide shoulders which indicate to us the potential of a large dog. We're still looking for a name. Maybe someone out there has a suggestion.