Friday, April 9, 2010

April blows in -

I always heard that it was March winds and April showers, well this year the winds are late - and when accompanied by colder than normal temperatures, our visit to the tulip fields at La Conner WA required warm clothes and determination.

As part of the I intended to go with the other girls to see the tulips on Tuesday, however I had some unexpected but very welcome company at the beginning of the week and as much as I wanted to be two places at the same time, I chose to stay at home and enjoy time with our daughter and her family, here from Saskatchewan.

We had a great time - Chris and I played scrabble (she wiped me 4 out of the 5 times!) watched the boys ride bikes and doodle cars in the shop, made some yummy meals, watched a schmaltzy movie and spent time at "the Bookman" -our local used book store while the guys did their thing with vehicles and shop stuff.

They left for home around 8:30 Thursday morning and by 9:30 my neighbour, Barb and I were headed to the tulip fields in La Conner.

It was COLD. The sun tried to do its part but the wind was biting and nearing gale force at times. (or so it seemed)

Regadless, we saw the tulips and managed, after some setbacks that were wholly our fault and rather hilarious- to get some great pictures. As you will notice, if you check out Marg's pictures, the tulips posed straight and tall like bright soldiers for the girls on Tuesday but were decidedly blown about in mine.

Despite the wind and the minor setbacks, we really enjoyed our day.

We had a great lunch at "Seeds" - a wonderful chicken, roasted pepper and provolone pannini sandwich with clam chowder before browsing the great shops on the main street. Later we treated ourselves at the Calico Bakery for hot tea and goodies.

It was fun spending time together- something I think we'll do again soon.