Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas is Coming –

It’s been very busy around here.  There was lots to catch up on after our holiday.

One thing we chose to make time for when we got home  was  a weekend in Seattle to see the grandkids.

We went shopping for an Advent wreath – .


of course PopPop found something that interested the children more than wreaths and candles!


Nana and Ella made Christmas ornaments for the tree.


 DSCN1074  DSCN1077

Back at home, I had fun making up some outdoor arrangements.

I love the red berries, and varied shades of the different evergreens.

Some, pine, spruce and fir, and some huge red ornaments and glittered mesh ribbon and the front entry looked like Christmas.

DSCN1092  DSCN1095b

Meanwhile Harv was stringing lights outside.    He loves doing this and we have a standing joke about how he buys more lights every year.

The result  of his creativity are impressive – we have a  winter wonderland around the house.

The lights brighten the dark night reminding us how Christ’s coming brightens our dark world.



ellen b. said...

That's great that Harv likes to put up lights. It really looks great. Love the arrangements you put together. Looks like lots of fun with the grands! Blessings...

Kathy said...

What a nice day you had with your sweet grandkids. Isn't it nice that the trip from your home to their's is not too far.
Your baskets outside are beautiful...and I do like the lights.

Lovella ♥ said...

OH I do love those outdoor arrangements. Maybe I'll still have a chance to do at least one like that yet next week.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

A busy and fun time of the year. It's looking lovely over there...from Harv's lights to Bev's outdoor arrangements!

Marg said...

It fun to decorate your yard...get all those grandkids involved..what a new tradition for him! They love it!