Saturday, September 20, 2008

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I love to make cards. Here are a few I've made in the past week or so.

Now that I have a craft room to work in, I've got room to invite a friend or two to "play" with me. Harv usually has a guys night out on Thursdays so I've made that my night with the girls. We cut and paste to our hearts delight and end up with lovely cards to send to friends and family.

We'll be gone this coming week but I'm open Thursday nights after that. If you enjoy card making too or would like to give it a try, call me - I'd love to have you join me.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Here they are - 2 of my precious "grands"
smiling in the new loft built to make room for the new addition to the family.

They are 5 now in just over 800 square feet - that's including the loft!
And very content to make it all work - as it does. They have proven that a family does not need all the stuff that fills our larger homes. The children have plenty of play space and toy storage, Dad and Mom have both made sacrifices - getting rid of some things and putting other things in storage but they have succeeded in making their home a welcoming, warm and open place with room enough for all who come.

And here is the newest one- checking out his admiring grandma.

I spent 3 days and 4 nights with my son, DIL and grandkids, helping out however I could. Mom needs to take it easy for awhile to recuperate from her C section so I lifted kids, put toys away, made beds, grocery shopped, drove Nate to preschool, made meals for the freezer and baked a few goodies. It was wonderful to have the time to spend with my DIL whom I love and admire so much for her patient way with her kids. We have had so many great talks about parenting, cooking, marriage, friendships, and spiritual things and I was blessed once again by her warm and generous heart.

It is also amazing to me to see my tall, gentle son being such a terrific husband and father - so loved by his wife and children. God has truly blessed him with spiritual wisdom and we are humbled by his godly example.

Grandprincess is 2 1/2 now and is at the age of testing mom and dad's limits but those big dark, dark brown eyes just melt me into a puddle. Here she is swinging in the hammock while singing along with Nana " Rock a bye Ella in the tree top.... when the wind blows the hammock will rock..."

Nate is 4 1/2 , a real helper already - a great conversationalist and is fascinated with his baby brother. He loves to hold him - although he always checks to see if he is "poopy" first - and can hardly wait til he grows enough to play with him.


Sunday we are leaving for Edmonton where we have a booth at the Oil Sands Trade Show.

It is definitely worth the time and money spent to take part in these trade shows as we usually only need to make one or two sales to cover the cost of participating. We always come back with a long list of contacts - many of which result in sales later. It's hard work getting everything together, packed up into the truck, then unpacked, set up and then packed up again and driven back home to once again unpack.

I fill the role of "go-fer" ("Will you go for coffee? Can you go find more brochures?...") and help with recording contacts and putting together information packets while Rick and Harv draw in potential customers and do their sales pitch. I love watching my men work and am so proud of their technical knowledge, their integrity in sales and their dedication to customer service. It's made them very successful in what they do.

These pictures are fom last year's show. we had a lot of compliments on our booth. Rick did all of the gaphics for the booth and they equal or surpass the professionally done graphics in the other booths. We look forward to having another good show this week.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The joy of being grandparents!

We've had our Grandkids here for the last 2 days. Once again - never a dull moment. Riding trikes, baking cookies, playing "big rigs", reading stories; coaxing fussy eaters, bribing with treats, playing with Uncle Rick's Doug (dog) and answering non- stop questions - all part of being grandparents.

Next week I'll drive down to Seattle, for a few days to help with the kids as mom recuperates from baby's birth.

I well remember how much help my mom and my mother in law were after the birth of each of my children. My DIL's mom is terminally ill in Arizona and can't be there so I'm humbled and grateful that she has invited me to help her. Plus there's the bonus of getting to know the new baby. How lucky can I be!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Grandboy!

We got the call yesterday morning that our newest grandchild had arrived .
What can we do but praise our God for this precious gift.
So perfectly formed, so much like his older brother and sister
and so welcome to his family and to ours.
He was 9 pounds 2 ounces - a big boy and very content.
Mom had a C-section so we brought the children home with us
for a couple of days while she rests.
We are so grateful for our wonderful family.