Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunny Greetings from Down South

I thought I'd share a few photos of us all on our vacation. As you can see the weather is lovely and warm, the scenery fabulous and we're having a wonderful time. We've cycled, hiked, soaked up the sun and enjoyed great times with friends.

More when I get back.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A milestone year.

Yes, the time has come -

I'm starting another decade today.

I remember praying as a teenager:

"Lord let me live long enough to get married"

Later, the prayer was amended to "let me be able to have children"

and after that "Lord, I'd really like to have the chance to be a grandma."

Now I've reached that age that many women dread - 60.
My hair is grey - which still surprises me on occasion.
I get aches and pains far more frequently than ever before
and signs of aging are becoming more and more apparent.
I just don't know how I got to this milestone so quickly.

Here I am,1 year old and grinning

My younger sister, Janet and I so proud of our brand new baby buggies

I think this picture says 1964 so I was just entering high school

My school picture from Gr. 13

Well God has answered all those prayers and so many more over the years.
I 've been married for 38 years to my very best friend,
I have 3 great kids and they are all married, each to a terrific spouse.
I'm a grandma now - to 5 amazing grandchildren.

This picture was taken shortly after we got married in 1971 (love that dress!)

It's been an awesome trip though and I wouldn't give up a single year.
(well maybe some of those awkward teen years).
I have an amazing family, wonderful friends, and have been able to do all kinds of things I'd never have dreamed of as a child or even as a young woman.

This picture is probably from 1981
I've travelled to places I'd never dreamed I'd go - Belize, Honduras, Australia, Germany, Italy and Denmark to name just a few. We've also traveled all over North America from north to south, east to west. I've traveled by car, train, boat, plane, kayak, (Yes, believe it or not!) and motorcycle, I've enjoyed fishing trips, snorkeling, cruising, gardening, entertaining and more.

God has been faithful throughout all these years.

There have been many ups and downs - times of laughter and prosperity and times of tears and adversity but God has walked alongside me all the way and will not leave me.

Here we are with the grandkids this past Christmas.

We are in Palm Springs as you are reading this.

We'll be spending 2 weeks here with good friends, enjoying the sun and a time of relaxation.
I'll be back blogging when we get home.

As several of my friends have done, I plan to celebrate all year.

After all being 60 only comes once.So here's to the next year and all it brings.

May my days and years bring glory to God.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Day with the grandkids

I spent 2 days and nights in Seattle this week visiting our grandkids. Harv was in Ontario on a sales call for the week so when I was invited to a "Grandparents Day" at granddaughter E's preschool I gladly packed up and drove down. I went planning to spend some one on one time with each of the 3 grandkids and I'm so glad I did.
Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home so I have to use these pictures from my files instead.

E's teacher had a few activities for the grandparents to participate in and then we got to watch as Mrs. S. went through her lessons with the children. The topic for the day was road signs and community helpers. She showed the children all the road signs and had the kids say what they meant and then went on to talk about community helpers. She held up pictures of a doctor, a dentist, a policeman, fire fighter, teacher etc. and they talked about how they all helped the community. Then she went around the circle and asked each child what they wanted to be when they grew up.
"A Firefighter", piped up one little girl, "
a policeman", said another and so it went around the circle.
Then she asked E what she wanted to be when she grew up. "A Princess" she stated, very matter of factly.
After preschool was over she and I went for lunch. We talked about what they'd done in school and I thought I 'd ask her again what she wanted to be when she grew up. the answer was the same "A Princess!"
"So," I said, "What do you have to do to become a princess?"

"Grow your hair long." She sounded surprised that I would have to ask.

"What does a princess do?", I asked

"Comb her hair."

"Does she do anything else?"

"Brush her teeth."

"Does she help anyone or do anything else?"

"She is nice to knights!"

Now that is a princess who knows her job!

After I took her home, it was Granboy N.'s time to spend with Nana. We went to Baskin and Robbins where he had a chocolate cone and I had peanut butter cup ice cream. After that we drove down to Edmonds Marina Park where N and I counted 25 starfish, mostly bright orange ones and blue ones and 10 crabs plus a Blue Heron and numerous sea birds of different varieties. Fortunately for us a kind man let us into the locked gate leading down to the marina itself and we were able to look at all the boats moored there, peering into windows and sharing our favourites. We also walked along the beach until Nana got cold.

Later I spent some fun time with Baby B. ( almost 1 1/2 now) reading and playing cars. With his shy smile, his wonderful conversation (unfortunately not yet interpretable!) and his infectious giggle, he is a delight to this Nana's heart.

His sweet wave when it was time to say goodbye, is enough to melt my heart into a puddle.

I was also able to attend a Bible class with our son and his wife at church in the evening and I was encouraged again by the excellent Bible teaching they are receiving and their dedication to walking God's path for them. It was a wonderful time with them all and I'll do it again.