Saturday, November 15, 2008


I was tagged by my daughter, Chris this week. So here goes:

I am….tired – it’s been a long day
I want ……to sit in the hot tub with my honey
I have...cleaned up almost all of the leaves and cut back almost all of the perennials today
I wish....the job was completely done
I know ….I’m loved by God, by my husband and by my family
I hate….aches and pains due to getting older
I fear…I’ll never lose that 20 pounds that plague me
I hear….blues on the radio
I crave…Nut’n Butter ice cream
I search…for a lot of things these days, things misplaced by me or my honey
I usually…enjoy cooking
I am not…very disciplined
I never…chew gum
I rarely…hold a grudge or get offended
I cry…when something reminds me of my Mom who went to be with Jesus in May
I desire…a closer relationship with God
I lose…socks in the laundry
I should…spend more time in Bible study and prayer
I worry…that I’ll never live in a finished house
I dream…of a European vacation
I tag…not sure who as there aren’t many who read my blog.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pottery Show

This is where I spent all of Tuesday. Our good friend, Ted Driediger is a potter in Yarrow. He has been working as a potter in Yarrow since 1973 and is well known in the area and beyond. His studio and showroom are in Yarrow just west of Chilliwack. He holds two pottery shows each year and also is an exhibitor and vendor at the Chilliwack Christmas Craft Fair. (check the Chilliwack Progress for the dates)

I've been fortunate to be able to help out at his sales and enjoy it immensely. His pottery is artistically beautiful, and very useful. We've been buying gifts from him for years and my kitchen is well stocked with his wonderful work.

Here is Ted holding the beautiful platter I bought from him.
His show runs through to Saturday, November 15th, 9 - 5. If you haven't already been to his show, I'd highly recommend it. His showroom is located at 41640 Yarrow Central Rd.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat via Email

I couldn't resist sharing these pictures of my scary Pirate, pretty Ballerina princess, and popgun wielding straw hatted Cowboy grandkids. Aren't they something?!!

Ditch Witches

So How did we spend Halloween? Well we hired A Ditch-Witch ...and put her to work.
She had two assistants -
one who showed her where to go ...
and one who filled the ditch behind her. Why oh why are we digging yet another ditch
across our field and through the middle of the lawn?
Well it's all because of this:
This is a Used Oil/Wood burning furnace...
that will heat hot water ...
that will flow through the pex tubing ...
that goes in the ditch ...
that's dug by the witch...
that's pulled by the ATV...
that's driven by Rick ...
that will heat the house and the shop that Harv built.

Of course the pex tubing that was ordered 3 weeks ago only came the day after all the dry weather ended in a downpour. Thankfully the ground was not yet saturated and the job was done before it got too muddy to dig. Mind you there were some pretty wet clothing and muddy boots to be dealt with at the end of the day. Now there will need to be a bit of plumbing at both ends of the ditch and a final check that nothing else needs to be strung between the house and shop and then the ditch can be closed and lawn hopefully reseeded.

The result will be a blissfully warm shop and office and much lower hydro and gas bills this winter. The house heating, hot water heater, hot tub and possibly even the drier will use the heat from this furnace. Haven't I got a clever husband?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a difference a Day makes

We've enjoyed such a beautiful fall this year. With several dry weeks in October, the leaves had a chance to turn bright yellow and stayed on the trees longer giving us time to enjoy the vivid colours. Of course it is Fall and that's what leaves do at this time of the year. Our lawn was covered and rain was forcast so Harv got on the lawn tractor and blew all the leaves into a bag and burned them. The lawn was green again.

But what a difference a day makes. Overnight the wind blew and the rain fell and when we got up you would have never known that he'd spent all that time cleaning up leaves. They were everywhere and thicker than ever.

Thankfully I had a call from the neighbour boy who needs to put in some volunteer work hours for school (what a great thing to encourage) and I have just the job for him!